The Ochil Hills

Not too far from me is a range of hills called The Ochils. They are not very high by most standards – the highest Ben Cleuch is only just over 700m (2,300ft) high – but they rise almost like a sheer cliff from the flat River Devon Valley and are the result of ancient geologic fault lines. They are visible for miles around, as this picture I stitched together shows.

Nokia's photo stitch is quite good. Ochil hills in the distance, West Fife in all its glory.

The pic below is the top of Dumyat, that majestic hill that rises as a backdrop behind StirlingThe Top of Dumyat

This one is the view as you climb Dumyat of the meandering River Forth where it meets the River Devon.

The River Forth from the Ochils

The River Forth from the Ochils